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What’s in a Name? Creating Personas for Digital Marketing

Gartner’s three-part series explores how to use segments, personas and buying journeys to create exceptional customer experiences. This second part is about how to create and manage marketing personas to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Customers increasingly expect a personalized, or at least relevant, experience and what better way to get it right than to start with personas with rich details about the motivations and goals of your customers? Personas have been around for a long time, but they’re growing in popularity because customers expect more and demographic, market segments and role descriptors do little to help marketing teams understand what people want and how to interact with them such as their daily behaviors and preferences, according to Jake Sorofman, research vice president, Gartner for Marketing Leaders. Creating a vivid, intuitive picture of your audience targets requires an understanding of how to create and manage personas over the long haul. To find out more, the complete article can be read on Smarter With Gartner website.

Gartner for Marketing Leaders clients can read more in How to Design Customer Experiences Using Persona-Driven Buying Journeys by Jake Sorofman

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