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Five Innovation Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

What are the typical traps leaders looking to improve customer experience should avoid? What are the winning tactics they should adopt instead?

Executives love talking about innovation, but few enterprises are consistently good at it. The same could be said of the customer experience. In fact, innovation initiatives and customer experience projects face a lot of common challenges: they both run counter to how enterprises are organized; they are easily appreciated as important but rarely as urgent; and the people running the initiatives are almost never in a position to mandate all the changes required.

According to Mary Mesaglio, research vice president at Gartner, most leaders tasked with improving the customer experience sincerely want to innovate more, but get stymied by business-as-usual processes that, without intending to, smother genuine efforts to innovate their company’s customer experience (CX).

Ms. Mesaglio’s small tips that can help focus the CX innovation effort and avoid it from getting derailed down the road can be read on Smarter With Gartner website.

More detailed analysis is available to Gartner clients in the report “Five Innovation Tips to Improve the Customer Experience.” This report is part of the Gartner Special Report “Customer Experience Emerges as the News Competitive Battlefield.” This report focuses on how greater competition and growing consumer power have eroded traditional product- and service-based differentiation, forcing firms to seek new, more durable forms of competitive advantage.

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