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Webinar Recommendation: “The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for the Customer Experience”

Customer experience is always an important topic for companies, since a great customer experience takes years to build and can be destroyed in a moment.

Not all customer experience processes involve technology. Chief customer officers and heads of customer experience believe that only 50% of the projects they oversee involve technology. CIOs and IT leaders believe it is closer to 80%. Both agree that the range of technologies that can be brought to bear to face the challenge is wide. Some technologies are more impactful than others, and some are more tactical than others in how they are utilized. Each organization has its unique mix of technologies that they use in customer experience projects. The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for the Customer Experience webinar discusses the options available and how to determine the most strategic, and then provides the Gartner view of which matter most.

It is hosted by Ed Thompson, VP distinguished Analyst. His research focuses on CRM, and he is the research leader for the Customer Experience Management and CRM Strategy and Execution topics.

The discussion includes a downloadable presentation.

The key issues of this webinar are:

  • What are the top 10 strategic technologies for improving the customer experience?
  • How are organizations using these technologies?
  • How should organizations determine which technologies have the most positive impact?

These issues are followed by case studies and examples.

Mr. Thompson shows the 7 types of customer experience projects organizations most commonly use. Behind these you will find many different types of technologies such as workflow tools, BPM modelling, data privacy, Q&A monitoring, content management, segmentation, customer journey analytics, E-commerce storefront, web design and many more. Gartner matches up these top 50 technologies to the 7 types of projects.

In his presentation, Mr. Thompson talks about a survey involving chief customer officers and also customer experience project leaders about technology types aiming to enhance the customer experience in 2015 (involving both B2B and B2C companies). Also he points out the criteria for selecting the top 10 customer experience technologies based on:

  • Impact (Did they measure benefit form this?)
  • Frequency
  • Applicability (This means that they looked at technologies that were not just used in one step of the buying lifecycle but the ones that were used all across and in as many different phases as possible.)

Regarding the question “How are organizations using these technologies?”, Mr. Thompson gives 3 case studies in the webinar, but there are much more in the downloadable presentation showing the challenges, approach and results.

Some of the companies presented here are:

  • GE Healthcare (Needed to create a great overall customer experience and improve response time to negative customer experience.)
  • Alere Healthcare (Business Process Management project)
  • Sprint (Multichannel Customer Experience case study)

The final question in this webinar is “How should organizations determine which technologies have the most positive impact?”.

Although the presentation reveals the top 50 and then the top 10 most commonly used technologies, this may not be useful enough since every company will have its own top 10 technology list. For this reason, Mr. Thompson looks at the recommendations Gartner can make that anyone can use in their own company. He also adds a useful action plan designed for customer experience leaders.

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