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Weekly Webinar Recommendation: “Internet of Things: The Foundation of the Digital Business”

Are you interested in the Internet of Things?

Imagine a digitally enabled world where everyone and everything (objects, buildings, machinery) is connected to the internet.

You may imagine a city center for example, where a train come in. The train is connected to with other things and people. It tell everyone and everything where it came from, where it is heading, or where you can buy tickets to the local theatre… The train is talking to an intelligent building. The intelligent building is talking to people. This intelligent building has a parking garage. The parking garage is talking to the cars. Your connected car is negotiating with the intelligent building regarding parking prices for the evening. The car transfers money from your bank account to the building’s bank account and then drives itself in and parks itself.

THIS is the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things: The Foundation of the Digital Business webinar shows why it is not so difficult to imagine this world.

It can be called different names, such as smart city, digital oilfield solutions, connected vehicle, smart classroom or hospital. All these are IoT.

Why is it useful to know more about IoT, the foundation of the Digital Business?

Because Gartner predicts that by 2020:
  • 25B sensors will be connected to the internet.
  • Data doubles every 2 years. By that time there should be 20-30 zettabytes (!) of data.
  • It should add £1.2T worth of economic value back to the economy.

All this is coming up in 3 years and 11 months. And yes, it is real.

During this webinar, Drue Reeves, Managing VP

  • introduces the definition and basics of IoT,
  • answers the question “How do I select an IoT platform?”,
  • shows the state of the IoT platform market,
  • gives fundamental and practical advice on how to build IoT solutions,
  • also added a comparison of a few vendors,
  • lists recommended Gartner research related to the topic,
  • Q&A at the end of the presentation.
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