Gartner Sourcing and Strategic Vendor Relationships Summit

Gartner Sourcing and Strategic Vendor Relationships Summit

Lead Sourcing and Vendor Management to the Core of Digital Business

This year’s Gartner Sourcing & Strategic Vendor Relationships Conference will address how sourcing can proactively become an agent and enabler of digital business. The agenda will focus on both traditional run-the-business sourcing and vendor management best practices as well as new models to increase sourcing’s proactiveness in supporting the organization’s digital business transformation.

Join us at the 2017 Sourcing & Strategic Vendor Relationships conference to learn more.

Our Summit was designed for individuals in the following roles

IT Services Sourcing Managers
IT Services Vendor Managers
IT Executives
IT Services Procurement Managers

What You Will Learn

The leading conference to attend to get a strategic view and tactical insight on sourcing, IT services and vendor management – throughout the sourcing lifecycle. No other conference can offer such a broad and deep agenda, with trusted advice from Gartner analysts, and real world examples from our selected guest speakers.




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