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The digital transformation of business – strategic opportunities and challenges / ICT Media / 9th December 2015

László Papp participated in the Round Table “The digital transformation of business – strategic opportunities and challenges”, a part of the 8th official Award Ceremony for the winners of IT Manager of the Year Contest,  conducted by the Bulgarian CIO Club and ICT Media, held on the 9th December, at Sofia Hotel Balkan, Bulgaria.

The topics were:

  • The digital transformation – an opportunity or an imperative for today’s business (data from studies and reviews)
  • New business models and new sources of value through new technologies (best practice examples)
  • The challenges in the era of digital business (IT expenses, the balance of the portfolio and the choice of technologies, professionals, suppliers, management structure, etc.)
  • The human factor – the role of the CIO and what skills should be available in the IT department
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