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Storytelling Secrets of Winning Pitches

Use these story-based best practices to deliver memorable pitches that get noticed, and funded.

Keep away from clichés and questions

Clichés occupy valuable real estate in the pitch without adding substance (see “leverage” or “synergies” for cases in point). Sidestepping empty questions and unearned brags also achieves the trifecta of being brief, direct and solution-oriented. Asking an investor, “How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet?” is less effective than the action oriented answer. Using unearned brags, such as “leading solution” or “foremost XYZ” risk undermining the rest of your pitch, since your audience is accustomed to discounting spin masters.

Bonus feature

While even the best pitch can communicate a lot in one line, everybody needs to include another sentence or two about product description, depth of industry context and differentiation.  Check out Criteo’s example of product benefits and differentiation: ”Thanks to Criteo, advertisers can reach more customers with the same return on investment as they get from search marketing.”

To find about tips to get started visit Smarter with Gartner website.

Gartner for Marketing Leaders clients can read more in ”Perfect Pitch: Four Elements of a Winning Positioning Statement for Your Product Launch (or IPO)”.

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