On the next Gartner Briefing in Sofia a Gartner research director from the UK will talk about two IT Cost Optimization techniques
for the benefit of the whole company and the link between Digitalization and IT Cost Optimization.

Today’s senior executives are too occupied with reducing IT costs to think strategically
about how technology can optimize business costs and create new revenue streams.
Learn how best- in-class organizations have changed processes and metrics to enable them to
contribute more to the business and ultimately help the business succeed in a global and
competitive market.

Session 1: Top 10 Recommended Cost Optimization Ideas 2016
Session 2: Cost Optimization in the Age of Digital Business

Date: 22nd Novembre from 08:45-12:15.
Venue: Sofia, hotel Marinela (ex Kempinski Zografski), 1407 Sofia,
James Bourchier Boulevard 100, hall „Silhouette”, 19th floor

Would you like to know more about:
The most effective IT cost optimization techniques?
Cost-cutting innovations to optimize business performance?
Digital technologies to improve business processes and significantly reduce operating costs?

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Detailed program

08.45 – 09.30 Registration & Refreshments
09.30 – 09.45 Welcome & Introduction
09.45 – 10.45 Top 10 Recommended Cost Optimization Ideas 2016
Sanil Solanki
In the search to find the next big idea,” CIOs are in danger of overlooking many of the foundational-level “must have” methods to reduce IT costs. Many CIOs have tried, but have not realized the full benefits of the top 10 techniques, mostly due to a failure to fully implement them. The key to effective ongoing cost optimization is to have a proactive process in place that evaluates all cost optimization opportunities and ensures measurable cost savings. This presentation features the top 10 recommendations, ranging from conventional cost optimization ideas to more advanced techniques. What techniques are most impactful in terms of IT cost optimization How organizations can best prioritize and execute IT cost optimization strategies How leading organizations have used Gartner’s top 10 most recommended IT cost optimization ideas to reach their budget targets
10.45 – 11.15 Tea & Coffee Break
11.15 – 12.15 Cost Optimization in the Age of Digital Business
Sanil Solanki
The expectations of CIOs are changing, and the potential for IT to deliver significant value to impact the products and services organizations deliver has increased substantially. In this presentation you will learn what is expected from the CIOs role today, how to adapt to deliver on these expectations, and how to move cost optimization out of IT and into the business. How cost optimization is evolving in the digital age and how CIOs can support it How technology is helping organizations improve operational efficiency. What is expected of CIO today and how they can optimize business costs
12.15 – 16.15 Analyst 1:1 Meetings
We are offering an exclusive opportunity to speak directly with the analysts during a private 30 minute consultation to explore solutions to your personal IT issues and challenges. If you would like to book a one-on- one appointment following this briefing, please let us know during the registration.



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Sanil Solanki


Current Biography:

Sanil Solanki is a Research Director with Gartner Research. His focus is on IT cost optimization practices, business case review for outsourcing, IT project finance, project benefit realization, IT chargebacks/showbacks and the business value of IT.

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Solanki’s job responsibilities were:

– IT cost base optimization and year-over- year cost reductions

– IT project finance, investment prioritization, benefits realization, understanding the business model and sourcing options for project resources

– Outsourcing business case model review

Years of Experience

• 4 years in total with Gartner

• 8 years in IT industry

• 8 years in Transportation industry

• 6 years in Retail industry

• 3 years in Banking, Finance and Insurance industry

• 5 years in Energy & Utilities industry

Professional Background

• Heathrow Airport (BAA Ltd.), Head of Finance – IT Projects, 2 years

• Tui Travel PLC, IT Finance Manager, 3 years

• Elavon Merchant Services, Finance Manager – U.K. & Ireland, 1 years

Industry Expertise

• Primary Industry: Transportation | Expertise Level: Expert

•   –   Subsectors:

◦ Transportation, other

• Secondary Industry 1: Retail | Expertise Level: Specialist

•   –   Subsectors:

◦ Hospitality & Travel

• Secondary Industry 2: Banking, Finance and Insurance | Expertise Level:


•   –   Subsectors:

◦ Banking

◦ Miscellaneous Financial

• Secondary Industry 3: Energy & Utilities | Expertise Level: Contributor

•   –   Subsectors:

◦ Water & Sewer Utilities


• Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

• B.A., with honors, Accountancy


• Indian – Hindi

• Indian – Marathi

Top 5 Issues I Help Clients Address

• Running IT cost optimization as a program

• Financial controls for Mode 2 and optimizing the cost of innovation

• IT budgeting and IT budget tool assessment

• Metrics and performance measures

• Creating incubation centers with startups

Roles That Need My Research

• CIO, IT Director, IT CFO, IT Finance Business Partner, Commercial Director, Head of IT Procurement, IT Outsourcing Manager, Program Manager, Director of IT Projects

Top 5 Key Initiatives I Cover

• IT Cost Optimization (retired)

• Business Value of IT (retired)

• IT Budgeting (retired)

• Competitive Advantage and Business Transformation (retired)

• Shared Services (retired)

Common Inquiries I Address

• How CFOs can understand the ROI of IT/digital business

• How to drive optimization as a long-term program

• Removing cost pressure

• Benchmarking unit prices

• IT budget tool reviews

Emerging Research in My Area

• ITO360

• The Gartner Cost Value Matrix

• Optimizing the Cost of Digital Business

Top 3 Trends I See in the Market

• Using startups to scale innovation

• Driving cost optimization through using Nexus of Forces

• Moving from IT cost cutting to improving business margins

Please No Calls about These Topics

• IT organization design