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Gartner “Digitopia” presentation at the Digital Transformation Conference, 11 February 2016

The Digital Transformation conference organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and ICT Association of Hungary was held yesterday, where attendees could see Frank Buytendijk’s (VP & Garnter Fellow) video presentation about Digitopia.

Mr. Buytendijk emphasizes the importance of “digitalization” topic, since the surveys show that it is continuously intensifying: 41% of all revenue will be coming from digital products and services in the years to come. In public sector, in terms of business processes 77% will be digital.

The focus of Mr. Buytendijk’s presentation was the digital transformation in society. There are different thoughts regarding this, especially when talking about the future possibilities. One thought is about the bright future, where digital technology will help us in all areas such as in healthcare, in our interactions and it will overall improve our lives (by 2030 we will all live in a global village). At the same time there are concerns as well such as the disappearing privacy by 2030. So, which one of these is the true prophecy? The answer depends on many factors. Mr. Buytendijk sets out scenario planning as a methodology. It’s about identifying assumptions you have in your business and in our society today and then challenging them and seeing what happens when you turn those around or build a story to it. What would life look like under those almost unimaginable consequences? After creating these stories, the question is: “What must we do in order to be ready for it, or drive towards the future outcomes that we feel desirable?”

Mr. Buytendijk then described the “Digitopia” project that Gartner had done in this topic. The focus is on how we see life in 2030. In this project Gartner found that an overwhelming number of people saw the future a place where everything was connected. This vision is so strong that Gartner chose not to even challenge that. Instead the main question was: “How will everything be connected?”. Gartner looked at the visions and concerns regarding a digital future and displayed them as a two by two matrix. In this way there are 4 possible worlds to come: 1. Digital Big Business, 2. Digital Wild West, 3. Digital Bazaar, 4. Digitopia, which is the most desired future. During his presentation Mr. Buytendijk shows the possible ways society could reach this dream future, so called Digitopia.

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