Gartner Briefing Budapest – Cost Optimization

Gartner Briefing Budapest – Cost Optimization

Today’s CIOs are too occupied with reducing IT costs to think strategically about how technology can optimize business costs and create new revenue streams. Learn how best- in-class organizations have changed processes and metrics to enable them to contribute more to the business and ultimately help the business succeed in a global and competitive market.

On the next Gartner Briefing in Budapest the two research analysts will talk about recent IT Cost Optimisation best practices in the IT sector and about the link between Digitalization and IT Cost Optimization.


Break Through IT Cost-Cutting Barriers to Optimize Business Performance presented by: Sanil Solanki, Research Director

IT and Business Units Work Better Together to Optimize Cost presented by: Stewart Buchanan, VP Analyst

Date: 27th September at 08:00-11:00.
Venue: Hemingway Étterem (1113 Budapest, Kosztolányi Dezső tér 2.)

Would you like to know more about:
The most effective IT cost optimization techniques?
Cost-cutting innovations to optimize business performance?
Digital technologies to improve business processes and significantly reduce operating costs?

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