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Build a Multichannel ROI Engagement Framework

Gartner’s three-step process helps cross-channel marketing leaders design a holistic ROI architecture.

In 1884 Sarah Winchester began building the Winchester Mystery House, a mansion with doors opening nowhere and stairs ascending into the ceiling across an estate spanning 160 rooms, 6 kitchens and more oddities than any other property of its era. Eschewing the services of an architect, she changed plans daily and had to pay her carpenters a 50% premium to tolerate the frustration. Measuring today’s multichannel marketing efforts can feel like building a Winchester Mystery House for marketing – data sources over here, campaign reporting over there with no unifying plan.

Addressing the problem starts with an architecture that accommodates both automated and non-automated systems, notes Martin Kihn, research director for Gartner for Marketing Leaders. The three parts of architecture, starting with great key performance indicators (KPIs) can be read on Smarter With Gartner website.

Gartner for Marketing Leaders clients can read more in ”Create a Framework for Calculating ROI of Multichannel Customer Engagement Activities.

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